Investment processes

The scope of essential services of our Law Firm includes support of investment plans and projects of our Clients. We analyse the business environment at the business concept development phase and indicate formal and legal risks of the prospective investments.

We help carry out investments related to real property, enterprises or their organised units, establishment of specific-purpose vehicles, as well as negotiating and concluding agreements between entrepreneurs aimed at achieving mutual business goals. We actively participate in planning of each and every transaction, enabling our Clients to achieve the intended objectives. To this end, we elaborate, negotiate and evaluate investment contracts, property or debt purchase agreements, financing and collateral agreements.

We have experience in due diligence analyses and reports preceding any planned investment projects. In order to ensure the safety of transactions, we collaborate with business information providers capable of professional collection and presentation of all business data necessary to evaluate a prospective business partner, its financial position and all kinds of conditions that may affect the planned transaction.  

We represent our Clients in proceedings before public administration authorities, taking care of all notifications, reports and registrations required to obtain the necessary decisions, permits and licences, including permits for the purchase of real property by foreign entities. We also act on behalf of our Clients in court and administrative proceedings.

Acting as advisors of tender callers or tenderers, we manage the public procurement processes, as well as any other proceedings based on general regulations due to the specific character of the contractor or subject of the agreement.

A particular field of the aforementioned activity is the building process management. We support our Clients in the acquisition of formal and legal documentation necessary to launch and manage the construction process, from the analysis of urban planning documents, through the decision on the terms of land development and the building permit, to commissioning and the occupancy permit. Upon the request of the investor, contractor or subcontractor, we negotiate terms and conditions of agreements concluded in relation to the building process, aiming at securing the interests of the entity we represent. We also mediate in disputes arising out of or in relation with the building process.