Court proceedings and arbitration

We represent our Clients before common courts in trials and other proceedings, as well as in administrative courts in all cases related to their business operations. We offer comprehensive legal assistance – from developing a trial strategy, through elaborating all documents in the course of the proceedings to representation in court. We appear before common courts of all instances, the Supreme Court, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court and arbitration courts. We participate in mediations and negotiations of court and out-of-court settlements, according to the Client’s best interest.

Within the provided court representation assistance services, we also represent our Clients in bankruptcy proceedings. After the analysis of the financial position of the debtor and assessment of chances that the Client’s claims will be satisfied, we prepare filing for bankruptcy and participate in the bankruptcy proceedings. The legal services connected with the bankruptcy proceedings in the case of both the liquidation of the debtor’s assets and the bankruptcy open to arrangements cover making claims in bankruptcy and representing creditors in all tasks involving the adjusters and receivers. At every stage of the aforementioned proceedings, we prepare legal analyses and opinions in order to evaluate the possibility of satisfying the creditor’s claims.